Dr. Rick Goh


Dr. Rick Siow Mong Goh is the Department Director of the Computing Science Department at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR, where he leads a team of more than 50 scientists in areas such as High Performance Computing (HPC). He has a strong background in computer engineering and also several years of experiences on discrete event simulation, parallel and distributed computing, and performance optimization and tuning of applications on large-scale computing platforms. He serves on the Program Committee of several related computing conferences such as ICCS, IEEE Cluster, Supercomputing Conference, etc. He is also the General Co-Chair of IEEE ICPADS 2012 which will be held in Singapore. Dr Rick Goh has keen interest in developing new HPC techniques to efficiently utilize heterogeneous HPC architectures and accelerators so as to solve computational problems faster. For more information, please refer to: http://www.ihpc.a-star.edu.sg/gohsm.php?display=1.

Presentation Abstract

In this talk, I will describe our effort in mapping algorithms and applications onto modern HPC architectures so as to enable fellow scientists to improve the throughput of their scientific applications. Some of these short collaborative projects have turned out to be low hanging fruits with publications, grant funding, and potential for commercialization. Also, I will share our longer term focus in the development of tools and techniques to enhance human productivity in software optimization for heterogeneous architectures such as multicore and GPUs.