Rex Tanakit


Rex Tanakit is leading the Industry Solutions effort at Panasas, an industry and market acknowledged leader in the high performance storage and parallel file system technology arena. Rex interacts daily with researchers and scientists in the high performance computing (HPC) sector globally in his role. Prior to joining Panasas, Rex was Director of Engineering at SGI for nearly 12 years. Rex was responsible for Performance Engineering and benchmarking. Rex and his team demonstrated and publicized the world-class performance of SGI systems on HPC, graphics, storage, and file serving, and led the creation of the Global Benchmarking Center (GBC) there. The GBC plays a key role in providing large and next generation system access for benchmarking and development to Field Sales, Applications Engineer, and ISV. Rex also worked with NASA on Project Columbia to help SGI deploy the fastest 64-bit supercomputer in the world. Rex has a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego and MS from UCLA.

Presentation Abstract

The exponentially growing volumes of data generated by technical applications compound the challenge of selecting a storage infrastructure capable of linearly scaling capacity and performance. Panasas will discuss how to address this big data storage challenge with high-performance parallel storage and how the emerging open standard parallel NFS (pNFS) protocol will further enable performance at scale.